The Degenerate tales of Decadent minds

The Degenerate tales of Decadent minds by Atul Randev/Vidur Moudgil


A guy and a girl who could be complete replicas of each other – only for the fact that they have nothing in common, a mysterious girl in a coffee shop, a bottle of Scotch and a book of poetry, a dark morning when dead men arise and a civilization vanishes from the face of the earth, a guy with very considerate flatmates and a girlfriend that is out of his league, a Sadhu who hasn’t spoken in 35 years, and the story of a rendezvous that will be hard to forget.

The Degenerate tales of Decadent minds may not be stories that’ll end up giving you lessons of life, it is not a book that will make you look at shadows with fear, neither will it strengthen the belief you have in your love, it is religious but it is not about God, it is “not” a thousand(or maybe a million) other things.

I’ll tell you what it is – it is a book of possibilities, of destinies or what we could make of them if we had the power to change them.

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