"The Farrah Chronicles"

“The Farrah Chronicles” by Christine Mahoney


“The Farrah Chronicles: Ninety Minutes in the Life of a Very Shaky Girl,” by Boston-based writer Christine L. Mahoney, follows 29-year-old Farrah as she retroactively chronicles her life at the behest of her court-appointed therapist, Genie Marie Lowenstein, M.D., Ph.D., Sc.D., B.N., B.A. — A homework assignment to be picked apart, held up to the light and scrutinized in each bi-weekly, 90-minute therapy session.

· Did Farrah really kill her would-be baby brother with a piñata stick when she was three years old?

· Did she really force Daddy to move from their family home in Dayton, Ohio to his childhood home in Boston, Massachusetts when she was only four?

· Was it Dirk Davenport who eventually drove her to the brink? Or was it Tad? Or Johnny? Or Kyle? Or Jesus Christ Himself?

Who the hell knows? Certainly not Farrah.

With Genie’s help and 64 weeks of intense therapy, the raggedy-ass pieces of Farrah’s fractured life seem to fall together in a patchwork of memories, neuroses, desires and lies. Or is it just an illusion?

Love, sex, Jesus hallucinations… “The Farrah Chronicles” has it all! A sympathetic and sexy journey reminiscent of Erica Jong’s “Fear of Flying,” but without the neurotic psychiatric preoccupation. And it’s funny as hell!


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