The Hidden Light of Mexico City

Author : Carmen Amato

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Description: With real characters, passion for the place, and brutal truth pulled from today¹s headlines, The Hidden Light of Mexico City illuminates the fight for Mexico¹s future.

Attorney Eddo Cortez Castillo¹s unexpected relationship with housemaid Luz de Maria Alba Mora becomes a dangerous vulnerability when he investigates links between the Minister for Public Security and Mexico¹s most elusive drug cartel leader. But what Eddo doesn¹t know is that Luz is trapped at the bottom of Mexico¹s social ladder, where broken dreams and family poverty have brought her to the breaking point.

As presidential elections near, Eddo¹s investigation will uncover a political double-cross fueled by drug money. He¹ll follow the money trail deep into the underworld of Mexico¹s drug culture, where violence buys loyalty, votes are for sale, the odds are against survival, and only a woman whose name means Light of Mary can guide him out.

Title : The Hidden Light of Mexico City
Category : Kindle

One thought on “The Hidden Light of Mexico City

  1. I’m pleased that I picked up this book because it delivered in a big way. This is not about ex SAS soldiers or CIA hardmen, this is about men who live on the edge while having a public profile, and women who are treated as little more than chattels because of a class system that defies belief in this modern world. The romance between the two main characters fits effortlessly into this story of blackmail and violence. Carmen Amato has produced a book that has polish and will keep the reader gripped right through to the end. I strongly recommend it.

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