The Last Chameleon

The Last Chameleon by James North

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Less than two years after the assassination of her husband, Caroline Dupre joins Vanguard – an ultra-secret organisation set up after the Cold War to counter the rise in non-conventional global threats. Soon, she learns that she is the only operative suited for a crucial part of a mission to stop a plan hatched by a former Bulgarian intelligence officer – The Chameleon – to pass nuclear material to a rogue government seeking to develop nuclear weapons. Time is short, and The Chameleon is removing anyone and everything threatening his plan.

10 thoughts on “The Last Chameleon

  1. This book was one of those you can’t put down! If you like action, the action is pulls you in and takes you along for a wild ride!
    I can’t wait for the next in the series!

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed Deep Deception a superb suspense novel very well written ! The Last Chameleon surpassed all my expectations, I could not put it down ! The characters and twists and black humour a great combination worthy of a movie! Cannot wait for James North to surprise us again with his third book in the series. Well Done sir!

  3. A fast-paced read written in the style of a movie with one showdown in exotic locale following another. A twisting plot concludes with a double-surprise ending. Along the way, enough mayhem and excitement to please the most demanding gamer. A thoroughly escapist experience. The reader wants to be part of the action.

  4. After reading “Deep Deception”, I couldn’t wait for James North’s second book to come out. “The Last Chameleon” met all of my high expectations! North does a wonderful job of keeping the story line alive while adding to the plot in the second book. I thoroughly enjoyed the way Caroline Dupre bounces back from the death of her husband and dives into a new life. The plot is fast-paced, well-written, and realistic in today’s events. I loved the determination Caroline showed as she meets the challenging mission of stopping a terrorist. North does a good job of tying all the pieces of the puzzle together. It was as hard to put down as the first book.
    I cannot wait for the third one!

    • Ann,
      The gift of bringing the imagination to life is exceptional. James North leaves nothing to the imagination in “Deep Deception” or “The Last Chameleon”. I was never a fan of suspense or fictional novels until I read these two novels. The book is so articulately written that each page and character comes to life while reading. Thank you James North for your intellect and skillful works.

  5. A dynamic book! The use and knowledge of real locations gives the story line tremendous substance. The character development gives the individuals in the book understandable actions not just random motivations. The events of the day are blended in to give relevance and excitement for the reader.

  6. The magnetic quality of James North’s writing is aptly demonstrated in the second installment of his Vanguard series, The Last Chameleon. In this gripping, page-turning novel the author manages to keep his audience on the edge of their seats as he weaves his intricate tale, making it a read that is difficult to put down. The unpredictable quality of the story makes it fun to read as well, and the female lead character is nothing short of Bond-esque in her approach to her work. All these elements combined with the smart, well-crafted visuals and descriptions make this novel film-worthy. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good thrill ride. Can’t wait for the next book in the series!

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