The Man in the Red Jacket

The Man in the Red Jacket by Michael Reeves

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It is 1855, and Fourteen-year-old Hassan Qaderi arrives in London’s East India Dock from Bombay. His only possessions are a beautiful jewelled dagger, a copy of The Pickwick Papers and two handwritten letters which promise him riches ‘beyond the wildest dreams of men’. With him is Ahmet, his Afghan uncle.

Hassan has only fleeting memories of his early life: a beautiful woman, the heat and icy cold of Afghanistan, blood-soaked snow, a pair of shiny boots and a man who always wears a red jacket. What is Hassan’s connection with England’s dangerous and alien land? Why has Ahmet brought him here, and why is he always so watchful? Most importantly, how will Hassan make the most difficult choice of his life?

In this gripping tale, an orphan on a quest for riches may soon discover a treasure worth much more than he ever imagined.

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