The Permit

The Permit by William B Scott

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A Department of Homeland Security intelligence team has identified a new, incredibly dangerous terrorist cabal. It’s the most grave domestic threat to national security the U.S. has faced since nine-eleven. In the past decade, it has killed more Americans than al Qaeda murdered on nine-eleven. These terrorists are deeply entrenched in our society. They look like us, talk like us, live in our neighborhoods and, for the most part, pass for respected citizens. But they are killing Americans throughout this great country—and becoming more powerful every day.
Their code name is INDIGO. Checkmate, a covert counterterrorism squad, has the advanced-technology weapons and agents to neutralize INDIGO, but very little time to do so. If Checkmate fails, America will erupt in armed rebellion.

2 thoughts on “The Permit

  1. What a book! Based on a true story. Have you ever watched a scary ghost story, or a Freddie movie and the actors are running in fear and you think to yourself “Just run to a hospital or a police station where you’ll be safe.” But it’s a movie, so all of a sudden the cops turn into the enemy too. Where do you run?
    I lived in this town for decades. I knew the cops were corrupt. I suspected it ran to judges and other departments but I never knew.
    When you are done with this book, you feel like that actor in the movie. Where do you run when every department is either corrupt or complacent with the corruption.
    You can’t get it heard before a judge: they are corrupt. You hope the Public Administrator will tell how he was forced under false pretenses to break into Erik’s condo: except you find he was a cop on that corrupt force for a couple decades.
    Surely the District Attorney will look out for you…run to him. Except he’s working with the cops and shortly thereafter jumps ship to go be the attorney for the cops (their union attorney).
    There truly is no place to run. The bad part is, it’s not a scary movie. It’s real life.
    This book does such an excellent job of documenting the true facts but giving you enough entertainment that it will keep you turning the pages. The author kept me spellbound, just like you’d feel as one of those actors. Only this author throws in a much better ending. Loved the book!

  2. the Permit keeps you on your toes in anticipating some sort of justice for Erik Steele’s death. I get worked up over wrongful deaths, but when the very police who took an oath to protect and to serve are the perpetrators and creators of a massive coverup, it leaves a sense of helplessness in our minds. This novel works well with creating a sense of revenge.

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