The Principle Of Chance

The Principle Of Chance by M Howson

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The Golden Age of Hollywood meets the twenty first century.

Frank Orban emigrates from Hungary to America in 1937 to escape the political pressure in Europe. More than sixty years later, Frank is a powerful man in the Hollywood movie business. However Frank is keeping secrets…

Amy Ronay is a young Los Angeles lawyer. Amy knows what she wants out of life, but what Amy doesn’t know is her father’s secret past, a discovery which will transform her life.

Justin Blakes is a successful music producer. Justin’s life is a ‘safe house’, without girlfriends, complicated relationships and without problems. His well-ordered life takes on a turn when Amy arrives on the scene.

Justin’s sister Monica, a smart and sexy, Hollywood film director with an award to her name. Her life is her work, but she struggles to keep her personal life in control. When Monica meets the ‘unsuitable man’ she is forced to choose between reason and love…

Jack Harvey, a silver screen legend loves Hollywood blondes. Jack likes his independence. He enjoys the easy life and when not on a date, he spends his time in the company of his best friend Frank, remembering Hollywood’s Golden Age. But Jack, beneath his carefree exterior, hides a vulnerability…

The five people will take a trip from sunny Hollywood to a beautiful snowy Hungary and embark on an entirely different journey than they first imagined, as they discover The Principle Of Chance.

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