The unconventional life of Haee

The unconventional life of Haee by R.S. Vern


#An excellent follow up on “Haee The cat with a crooked tail”, winner of IndieReader Discovery Award 2013

#An unconventional read on what it takes to be functioning, living, breathing in a middling city through the eyes of a cat!

Restless and curious, cat Haee ventures out of home and meets a middling cat, Whie, in the back alley.

Fascinated by Whie’s way of life and driven by a need to establish some form of discipline, Haee creates a new set of rules for all the middling cats living in the alley. The alley becomes known as "Green Alley".

Over time, some begin to break the rules. While "playing police", Haee starts to question the soundness of his rules and the need for these rules.

Scathing, but fair, cat Haee is as ordinary, average and conventional as it gets. But he represents the insecure and noncommittal persona present in many of us today.

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