Time is Relative for a Knight of Time

Time is Relative for a Knight of Time by Brett Matthew Williams

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The origin story of Father Time and the world in which he lived – 21st century Earth. Seventeen year old homeless orphan Rolland Wright is plucked from his otherwise obscure life when a bookstore fire forces him to assume the role of hero in a life or death situation. This results in the startling discovery of his own time travel powers, a secret paradise known as Eden, an elite group of warriors (the Knights of Time) sworn to protect the time stream from evil, and the truth behind a family secret that sends him nearly two hundred years into the past to prevent a murder. Rolland Wright takes his first steps to becoming the legendary figure Father Time in the first installment of the Tale of Time series; Time is Relative for a Knight of Time.


10 thoughts on “Time is Relative for a Knight of Time

  1. Miss Hogwarts? Jacob & Edward? Westeros politics? Have you given up hope that a fantasy series could scratch the itch those series left? Read Time is Relative. The twists are logical, the pace is excellent, and the potential for further plot development is extraordinary.
    My only gripe would be about Eden (the fictitious paradise that is accessible via public libraries all over our world – why else would libraries still be around?) is that it wasn’t further explored. Though I think the last chapter leaves the door wide open. A+

  2. I was so bowled over by this book that I can scarcely find the words to describe it. The writing is first rate. The kirkus review for Time is Relative KoT says that it ‘follows in the best traditions of Dr. Who & Harry Potter, expanding on their more human elements and putting the characters front and center, rather than a battle of good vs. evil.’
    KoT isn’t good vs. evil, but instead the good (Turtledove), the bad (Hess), the ugly (Vilthe), the morally corrupt (Andrew Jackson), the genius (Judah), the warrior (Joan of Arc), the vixen (Sephanie), the nerd (Tina), and of course, the protagonist (Rolland). None of them are perfect, nor one dimensional. Sure it’s a typical coming of age story, but its fun, and you’re more than likely familiar with half of the characters anyway.

    The title for this book is apt, and I can see where the author is going with the idea. Quite clever. Wonder what wavering loyalties means. Can’t wait!

  3. What an inspirational and moving book. An incredibly creative mind, Mr. William’s debut into the published art is truly a must-read. No one else has had their take on Father Time’s origin, and they need not even try. Simply astonishing.

  4. I gave it four stars. Pretty good plot but I was upset (as a devout catholic man) that Williams turned our saint joan of arc into wonder woman.

  5. Maybe a bit too many popular culture references for my taste, otherwise a great read. lots of action, character development, and a terrific twist in the final chapter. worth your time.

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