Toby Fletcher’s Fly-Away Tree

Toby Fletcher’s Fly-Away Tree by Nicky Jones

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Imagine flying free like a bird. Imagine changing into a bird then back into your own body at will. This is exactly what happens to Toby Fletcher. Bullied at school, Toby takes refuge in his hobby, bird watching. When the bullies hurt a blackbird, he rescues it, takes the fledgling home, and places it in his tree. This kind act turns an ordinary tree into a magical Fly-Away Tree. The Tree transports Toby and his sister into the mysterious world of Avia. The pair are plunged into a fast paced woodland adventure, and into great danger, with consequences reaching far beyond the world of birds. Brimming with an excitement that leaps from the page, Toby Fletcher’s Fly-Away Tree is a story for children aged 7 – 12 years of age.'s+Fly-Away+Tree

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