Up! The Difference Between Today and Tomorrow Is You

Up! The Difference Between Today and Tomorrow Is You by Bob Ravener

A young boy, raised in an impoverished, abusive, dysfunctional family overcomes tremendous odds and countless obstacles through perseverance, grit, and an unbreakable spirit. In his inspirational story, he climbs his way out of the pits of despair to scale the steep mountains of life and realize the American dream.
In UP, Bob Ravener uses real life experiences to convey his message and create a blueprint for facing and overcoming challenges in both personal and professional settings. UP’s concrete examples and insightful principles give readers both the necessary hope and practical skills to succeed.


5 thoughts on “Up! The Difference Between Today and Tomorrow Is You

  1. Bob Ravener has a positive outlook on life that is infectious. Even though Bob’s story is about a difficult childhood, his book will leave you feeling inspired.

  2. Not many have shared ALL the trials Bob writes about but all of us have shared MANY of them and Bob provides a great lesson in tenacity, maturity and determination in the face of despair. Great book and highly recommended.

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