When the Love is Gone

When the Love is Gone by Melissa N Burnett


“When the Love is Gone”, there’s nothing left but pain and regret…​
Have you ever wondered why your parents chose each other as mates when they were never a good match? Ever wondered what your life would be like if you didn’t have your mother’s aggressive temperament or your father’s gullible ways?

Angie Phelps-Frank has grown up in a dysfunctional home where her only means of coping is through music and her father’s love. When her father is murdered, Angie is bereft. She becomes angry, afraid, aggressive, confrontational, and always ready for a good fight. When the man of her dreams finally comes along her aggressive temperament and mediocre job choice ultimately push him away. Angie is now forced to reflect over her life and learn to move on even “When the Love is Gone”.

This novel is the first of four installments from the “Music from the Soul” series. This is a great story on life, love, pain, drama, and the importance of forgiveness, self-reflection and positive transformation.


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