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This is a must read for everyone, as it is important that we all know the reason for our existence or the worth of our lives.

This book goes to the root of our lives that many never cease to ignore – our true motives. Grown adults walking around without a clue as to who they really are never truly find happiness end up causing themselves, as well as others, a great amount of pain. The author calls her readers to the founder of our existence – God Himself. If we want to know the reality of our hearts’ conditions and wish to improve them, there is no other who can help.
• The title is outstanding. It shoots right past the thin veneer of outward appearances that we are so fond of because they help us avoid the hard work and responsibility that comes with character development.
• The author uses simple, yet powerful analogies, such as comparing prayer to the emotion and thrill of talking to loved ones on the phone. These analogies will bring the message into the readers’ hearts through the basics of humanity.
• The conclusion of the book is very well written. It’s interesting and unique that the author chooses to end with a question at all, but especially the same question that she has begun with. The author has left readers with two choices: to dig deep inside and address their issues or continue ignoring them. It turns the end of the book into the beginning of something else – whatever the “something else” will be is up to the reader.


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