Important Information for Winners

Have you won at The Book Awards, what happens now?

First of all our hearty congratulations!

The first thing that you will notice is that your winning book is no longer showing as a ‘Nominated Title’ at The Book Awards. As a winner, the status has now elevated to an ‘Acclaimed Book’ and it will be permanently featured on the Acclaimed Books website (here) with recognition that it has joined our elite group of winning titles. NB You will need to update any links you created on your blog or website so that they direct your visitors to the new permanent page at Acclaimed Books.

The Book Awards have been in existence since 2008 and previous winners have often used the news of their success to help promote their work by issuing press releases and reporting the news on their websites and blogs.

Previous winners have secured media interviews, including regional TV and radio, newspapers and magazines, as well as new and enhanced publishing contracts, as a direct result of using our press release.

Issuing press releases is a great way for authors to promote their books and costs nothing other than the time to send the emails or letters. At The Book Awards we make the process even easier for winning authors by providing a *press release ‘template’ and  *guidelines for its use. *Press Release Template  and  PR Guidelines

Winners of the awards are free to publicise their success without restriction, provided any reference to the awards is an honest and accurate description of their achievement. Don’t forget to share the link to the post announcing your win on our Facebook page: !

The Book Awards are a division of Acclaimed Books Limited based in Plymouth, England. All enquires from winners or the press should be sent via our contact form here (please include the name of the winning title): contact. We will always endeavour to respond promptly to any such enquiries.