Writing the Town Read

Writing the Town Read by Katharine E. Smith


On July 7th 2005, London is high on the success of winning the 2012 Olympics bid when it is hit by a number of terrorist attacks.
At the other side of the country, in remote, beautiful Cornwall, aspiring journalist Jamie Calder finds her own life affected by the bombings as her partner, Dave, vanishes in London at the time of the attacks.
The initial impact of that terrible day in July is followed by a slow but sure falling apart of the life Jamie believed was settled and secure.
The coming months demonstrate to Jamie that life does not always run to plan and that things are not always as they may first seem.
Only time will tell whether this is necessarily a bad thing.

Writing the Town Read will appeal primarily to young women, in the 20 – 40 age group but, whilst not a great literary masterpiece, neither is it your average chick lit novel.
The story focuses strongly on its characters and their relationships. Jamie finds she has much to learn about life, particularly when it comes to her strong principles and idealistic ways.
There is excitement, intrigue and humour in Writing the Town Read. Whilst Jamie is learning to deal with life without her partner, she also finds she has to face a betrayal by her best friend, and the prospect of losing her job.
Meanwhile, a gang of teenagers is wreaking havoc in the town which Jamie loves, culminating in a brutal attack on an elderly lady.
Writing the Town Read was inspired by a number of factors, including the infinite beauty of Cornwall, the effects of terrorism, local newspapers, and some of the social issues of the 21st century.
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