Yakuza Sweet Revenge

Yakuza Sweet Revenge by Angel Broady

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LET THE DARK SECRETS of immortality be REVEAL. .
This story is base on a young princess, step-daughter to a cruel emperor who’s only ambitions are to bring oppression upon his very people, also as making young girls as his concubine. The princess Yakuza plays as the only pure peace within the Yanshi City; but her green eyes tells a different story of death being her fate. She flees from execution that her step-father wanted her to die. She draws to avenge her mother’s blood which demons have killed and her step-father have
ordered, holding responsible on the behalf of her mother’s slaughter. Yakuza also bare witness to random plagues that causes the world into distress of less food, and illness. She flees from China into a land which she is a stranger too, believe that she could bring peace and to know the truth of her bloodline which lead her to an attractive young-man name Spider who she is willing to trust part of a clan that falls in two worlds, holding account in their own slaughter, murders and assassinations of traitors they say is the fate of the clan, Dark secrets that are more to be reveal. . . Her love unknown.
See how a princess of Yanshi China becomes a ninja assassin of Iga Japan for an unknown clan she is drawn to trust in order to receive the fate to gain immortality.

Unforgettable adventure, classical romance, and assassination.


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